Get Hooked Raffle 2020

35 Winners Will Get Hooked Up!


Early Entry Prizes

  • March 5th - Costa Sunglasses - Patsy Mansfield
  • April 2nd -  Floundering Lite w/ Battery - Coastal Floundering Lights - Bernie Ostervold
  • May 7th - Quantum Throttle Combo - Jon Thornburg
  • June 4th - Costa Sunglasses - Tommy Schafer


Winning numbers will be based on the DAILY drawing of the Louisiana Lottery Daily Pick 3 Game during the month of July 2020. The winning numbers of the early entry prizes will be pulled at the bay chapter events. (CCA MS and this raffle are in no way associated with the Louisiana Lottery)


The winning tickets in July need to be the exact numbers of the Pick 3 Lottery. There is no limit to the number of times one ticket can win.


All winners are subject to applicable federal and state law. Prizes not claimed within 30 days of winning become the property of Coastal Conservation Association Mississippi (CCA MS). CCA MS is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and all proceeds directly benefit the organization. Fishing Trips and equipment awarded as prizes have certain inherent dangers. CCA MS holds no liability for the trips and prizes awarded.

Daily Prizes


  • July 1st - Parker Pole Custom Rod
  • July 2nd - One Year Free Seatow Membership - Kevin Helton
  • July 3rd - Rip-A-Lip Apparel Package
  • July 4th - $1000 Gift Card - Chandeleur Islander Fishing Lodge
  • July 5th - Penn Battle li 6000 Combo From Academy
  • July 6th - 80 Quart Bayou Classic Seafood Boiling Pot & Burner
  • July 7th - Matrix Bait Package
  • July 8th - Quantum Throttle Combo
  • July 9th - $500 Gift Card from Marty Wilson Gallery - Charles Cameron
  • July 10th - Costa Sunglasses - Bernie Ostervold
  • July 11th - $300 Gift Card From Bay Marina
  • July 12th - Set of 5 Custom Trailer Rims/Tires - Sports Trail Trailers - Jeremy Chester
  • July 13th - Floundering Lite w/ Battery - Coastal Floundering Lights
  • July 14th - 2 Person Half Day Catch & Release with Capt Kyle Johnson
  • July 15th - 40 Quart Custom CCA Ice Chest


  • July 16th - 2 Nite Cabin Stay at Wild Bill's Outfitters & a One Day Canoe Or Kayak Trip For 4 People.
  • July 17th - Parker Pole Custom Rod - Tracy Echols
  • July 18th - Penn Battle li 6000 Combo From Academy
  • July 19th - Rip-A-Lip Apparel Package - Pamela Schwartz
  • July 20th - $400 Gift Certificate From High Caliber Pawn
  • July 21st - CCA Loaded Tackle Bag From Academy
  • July 22nd - Costa Sunglasses - John Zimmerman
  • July 23rd - Garmin Striker 4 Fishfinder From Academy
  • July 24th - 2 Person Half Day Charter Trip With Capt. Ronnie Daniels At The Fisherman Guide Service.
  • July 25th - Quantum Throttle Combo - Caitlin Corso
  • July 26th - Custom CCA Seafood Server from Fishsmarttackle
  • July 27th - 2 Nite At The Silver Slipper Casino & Hotel With 2 Buffet Comps Jack Andry
  • July 28th - Custom Cast Net
  • July 29th - 40 Quart Custom CCA Ice Chest
  • July 30th - Ugly Stick Combo
  • July 31st - 2 Person 2 day Inclusive Fishing Trip from DMJ Fishing Charters

*All tickets purchased online have been sent to the email address provided while purchasing. If you are not seeing anything in your inbox, please check your spam folder.*

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