CCA Bay Chapter Conservation Scholarships Programs

CCA Bay Chapter Conservation Scholarships Programs

CCA Bay Chapter Conservation Scholarship Program


To provide scholarship awards available to children of or sponsored by members of the Bay Chapter, CCA. The scholarship is for educational purposes to provide financial assistance during the pursuit of a college degree in an accredited field of study.

Mission Statement

CCA is a non-profit organization comprised of 15 coastal state chapters spanning the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic seaboard. CCA and its state chapter network are engaged in hundreds of local, state and national programs and projects related to marine conservation, including initiating scientific studies, building artificial reefs, creating finfish hatcheries, initiating hydrologic and contaminant studies, monitoring the quality and quantity of freshwater inflows, supporting local marine law enforcement and promoting education opportunities as this scholarship program.


Application for scholarship funds must be made on the required forms, notarized and filed with the President, Bay Chapter, CCA prior to application deadline, May 31, 2018. The completed applications can be hand delivered to the Bay Chapter President (Mr. Jack Andry) or mailed to John Zimmerman, 102 Helen Drive, Bay St. Louis, MS. 39520. The application must be post marked or received by the President no later than May 31, 2018 to be eligible.


To be eligible for scholarship selection award, applicants must:

A. Be U.S. Citizen

B. High School Graduate, with a GPA of 3.0 and an ACT score of 20 (Documentation provided by appropriate school)

C. Sponsor, applicant or parent/legal guardian/grandparent must be a member of the Bay Chapter, CCA for at least one year (prior to application date) and maintain membership for an additional year.

D. Be accepted to an accredited College, seeking a 2 or 4 year degree.

E. Submit to the Bay Chapter, CCA, a completed application

Selection Process

The President, Bay Chapter, CCA will nominate 5 individuals to the general membership for acceptance to serve as the Scholarship Administration. The general membership by acceptance or modification will have the vote on the selected Scholarship Administration.

The Scholarship Administration will first review the required documentation and eligibility requirements. If all the requirements are meet, they will the review the applications on objective and subjective criteria and make their selection(s) to the Bay Chapter Directors. The Scholarship Administration has the final and only vote for the awards, providing their selection(s) to the Bay Chapter Directors is for administrational purposes only.


E. Bay Chapter, CCA will provide a $1000.00 total award scholarship to each selected individual/s. Each individual can only accept or be awarded one scholarship per academic year. The number of scholarships awarded will be subject to funding. The Treasurer will issue the noted scholarship funds directly to the educational institution of the selected individual(s). Scholarship funds must be utilized and paid to the educational institution within one year of award.


Bay Chapter, CCA will notify the selected individual(s) no later than June 15, 2018, each year and request presence at a scheduled monthly meeting to introduce selected individual(s) to the membership. (Presence of the recipient or their parents/guardians/sponsor is required)



For an application or more information you may email

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